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The next generation of disinfectants

Tiosan™ has been described as the designer biocide for disinfecting all types of water systems including water storage tanks.

DB ECOsystems presents Tiosan™, a product based on silver peroxide, which is a catalysed and extremely stable hydrogen peroxide.

What makes Tiosan™ a superior disinfectant is the fact that it is non-hazardous and has the ability to remove biofilm, the sediment of biodegradable compounds which supports fast microbial regrowth. Chlorine Dioxide, the most widely used disinfectant in water treatment does not remove biofilm and presents safety hazards if there is a leak into the atmosphere, resulting in evacuation of buildings in some cases. Tiosan™ is easy to handle, apply and measure at user concentrations. It breaks down to water and oxygen and therefore cannot form unwelcome by-products. Silver Peroxide has approval by the Secretary of State for the Environment under Regulation 25 (1)(a).

Tiosan™ is the ideal water disinfectant as it has DWI Approval for potable water systems and imparts no taint, taste or smell to water.

Tiosan™ represents a cleaner, safer, more environmentally secure method for complete disinfection of water storage tanks. Tiosan™ is an innovative "green" biocide, which allows property managers to save money as well as improving their company’s environmental profile.

To order the correct volume of Tiosan™ for your disinfection needs, click here to see the volumes table, then click here to send us your order.

Constant Dosing
For even bigger cost savings, Tiosan™ can be constantly dosed into any water system, resulting in a reduction in requirement for tank cleaning in soft water areas and no requirement to clean showerheads or monitor water temperatures throughout buildings.

In addition, because Tiosan™ deals with Legionella completely, constant dosing of Tiosan™ eliminates the need to heat water to 60 Deg C, the recommended temperature for Legionella control. This removes the scald hazard and reduces water heating costs too!

Tiosan™ will ensure the water is completely sterile and due to its stability up to 900C, Tiosan™ will also protect the hot water system. DB ECOsystems provides a full service including risk assessment in compliance with L8 and the setting-up and maintenance of a constant dosing system with Tiosan™.

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Tiosan™ can also be utilised in the following market:

medical sector

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other applications
Fountains and Water Features
Bromine or bromine-based chemicals are the most widely used in water features in public buildings. Bromine does not remove biofilm, the sediment of biodegradable compounds which supports fast microbial regrowth. For this reason, Tiosan™ is a superior disinfectant, removing biofilm completely and rendering water features clean and sterile for longer. Bromine also has a strong smell, which, depending on the location of the water feature can cause offence to guests. Tiosan™ does not impart smell to water.

Car, Bus and Train Washes.
Legionella was recently found to be a problem in train washers in Holland. Tiosan™ was applied to remove Legionella from the systems. These systems where water can remain stagnant for long periods are prone to the development of biofilm and perhaps Legionella.

Spa Baths
Tiosan™ is one of the best chemicals on the market for removing the biofilm from spa baths. It is safe to apply and frequent application will ensure that the bath remains reasonably disinfected and will not give rise to a microbiological soup.
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