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AGWA™ Clean - A new product for water system disinfectant

Use AGWA™ Clean for disinfection of water storage tanks and water distribution systems.

Simply add the product to the system, and then use a test strip to ensure that it has reached the furthest drinker or tap. Leave it in the system to do its work.

There is no need to rinse AGWA™ Clean from your system!

Using AGWA™ Clean regularly will ensure that your water system remains completely free of biofilm, the sediment of biodegradable compounds that feeds the microorganisms that cause disease. So not only does AGWA™ Clean sanitise your water system, it keeps all tanks and pipes clean too!

AGWA™ Clean is entirely safe for human or animal consumption at the stated dosages.

AGWA™ Clean has a long residual action, keeping water sterile for up to 3 days before bacteria start to reappear.

agwa clean features
  • New Eco friendly easy to use water sanitiser

  • Disinfects water and keeps it disinfected
  • Safe for animals to drink - "Even if overdosed"

  • Product breaks down to water and oxygen, no residues!

  • AGWA™ Clean is based on a chemical that has DWI approval.

If you would like more information on AGWA™ clean or any of our other products please contact us:


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