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The next generation of disinfectants

AEROS® is a safe, stable and highly effective disinfection product with proven activity against dangerous pathogens such as Norovirus and MRSA.

This exciting new eco-friendly product can be applied using high density, cold fogging machines, automatic misting systems, and spray bottles, without causing damage to furniture, fabrics or fittings.

The fogging system in particular is a simple and cost-effective solution for room disinfection and infection control applications.

AEROS’® unique chemical formulation will sanitise an entire environment including all surfaces and remove all odours, allowing public re-entry within 1 hour.

AEROS® Fogging Trials
AEROS® was used to effectively control and eradicate a Norovirus outbreak affecting 41 people within a hotel over a period of three days. No further cases of Norovirus were reported following cold fogging with AEROS®, in spite of the fact that some of the affected rooms were re-let two hours after the disinfection process.
For details on this trial, please click here

AEROS® has been trialed successfully in nursing homes, reducing the microbial surface contamination in rooms significantly, thereby improving cleanliness and hygiene and reducing risk of preventable disease safely.
For details on one of our nursing home trials, please click here

AEROS® has application throughout the medical sector and all private and commercial industry, including the leisure industry and populated areas. It is safe to handle and use. DB ECOsystems provides a full cold fogging service for clients where appropriate.

AEROS® has been researched by Dr. Jonny McMichael, Product Development Manager for DB ECOsystems.
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AEROS® can also be utilised in the following markets:

Medical Sector

Clean Bug-Free Environment

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PDF view nursing home trial research
PDF view aeros® research

AEROS® is an extremely powerful biocide which is however eco-friendly and safe to humans.

AEROS® has been extensively tested to confirm its efficacy against a wide range of microorganisms.

AEROS® is based on a chemical concentrate which has been tested by NHS laboratories, Dudley Road Birmingham. It has proven to be suitable for hospital use.”

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