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The new standard in crop protection
Looking for an eco-friendly, non-persistent yet highly effective disinfectant to prevent disease in your crops? Look no further!


Sprouting Seeds
Soak sprouting seeds, beans and grains in a solution of SipECO™ as per label instructions overnight. Use this same solution each time you rinse seeds, beans and grains. This treatment kills any surface bacteria present and has the added benefit of increasing the available oxygen.

Soil Sterilisation
SipECO™ is the ideal soil disinfectant because it is not persistent; it has excellent bactericidal, fungicidal and, virucidal properties. More importantly perhaps is that it allows the surface of the soil to be used immediately after treatment. The soil does not need to be” left to rest” and the soil does not need to be prepared prior to treatment. The treatment costs less than other more toxic treatments being applied at present.

The soil should be moderately humid. Prepare a solution of SipECO™ as per label instructions and apply this evenly at a rate of 1 litre per square metre of soil.

Plant Protection
A solution of SipECO™ made up according to label instructions can be used to mist your growing plants. This will protect the plants from attack by microorganisms but also supply them with active oxygen. This spray can also be used to protect harvested crops including flowers, adding precious days to the shelf life of your produce!

Green house Fumigation
A solution of SipECO™ made up as per label instructions can be used to completely sanitise your green house at the end of the growing season. Repeat at the start of the season. This will produce the ideal environment in which to grow your crops.

Watering Crops and Washing Harvested Crops
Use a solution of SipECO™ as per label instructions to water crops and sanitise water used for final washing of harvested crops prior to packaging. This will ensure bug free crops and harvested produce.

SipECO™ can also be utilised in the following market:


sipeco FEATURES:

SipECO™ improves seed germination and health, sterilises soil, protects plants and can be used to fumigate your greenhouses!

SipECO™ is eco-friendly and leaves no nasty residues
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