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Huwa-San® Constant Dosing Success At Ailsa Hospital! Microbial Test Results Clear For The First Time Ever!

Almost 4 years ago Ailsa Hospital, a hospital dealing with the frail, elderly and those with enduring mental needs, dealt with a microbiological problem in their water by disinfecting all their water systems with Huwa-San®. Ailsa hospital has 22 buildings some modern, others including the main hospital block are over 140 years old.

Water to the campus is provided by Scottish Water via two large storage tanks which are located above the site. Water is pumped from these tanks to a ring main that in turn supplies tanks in the individual buildings.

In 2004 the hospital upgraded the water supply by installing primary filtration on the supply to the large storage tanks and also filtering the water from the tanks prior to pumping into the ring main. The pumping system and the entire ring main were also replaced and disinfected with Huwa-San®.

However, periodic disinfection with Huwa-San® and an attempt to implement a temperature control regime was not enough to deal with the legionella problem. Legionella was still found in a number of outlets.

At the end of last year the hospital decided to install a system that would treat all the water to the hospital with Huwa-San®. The installed system doses Huwa-San® upstream of the circulation pumps and measures the product at the outlet from the pumps. The dosing is controlled on the hydrogen peroxide level at the pump outlet.

This system controls silver peroxide use very accurately but more importantly has achieved excellent microbiological control throughout the water system with 2 consecutive quarterly results clear for the first time ever.

Other hospitals within Ayrshire and Arran are expressing interest.

Housing Associations Need To Follow Ailsa Hospital’s Lead!

 The recent test case where Barrow and Furness Council were fined £125,000 and one of their employees was eventually acquitted of 7 charges of manslaughter but fined £15,000 for breach of he Health and Safety at Work Act serves as a reminder that Housing Associations need to act now.

Many Housing associations are now beginning to realise that they have an obligation under L8 to have a Legionella Risk Assessment and management programme in place to comply with the law. Some associations believe that a Legionella Risk Assessment is an important part of their stock survey.

DB ECOsystems have carried out a first phase of L8 Risk Assessments for Berwickshire Housing Association looking at their Nursing Homes and sheltered accommodation. An assessment of their housing stock using generic reports will be conducted later this year.

This survey indicated a number of areas where constant dosing  will not only eliminate any risk of Legionnaires Disease but also allow money savings by dropping the domestic hot water temperature.

It is hoped that the energy saved will pay for the entire legionella management regime in the building!

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