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The new standard in crop protection

Looking for an eco-friendly, non-persistent yet highly effective disinfectant to prevent disease in your crops? Look no further!

Disinfection in horticulture is becoming increasingly driven by the need to find eco-friendly, safe and non-persistent products that still provide a high level of protection for crops.

DB ECOsystems presents an exciting new product, SipECO™, which is undergoing trials in the UK at present. SipECO™ is an easy to use, eco-friendly disinfectant based on hydrogen peroxide. In the past, rainwater was used for watering crops because it improved plant quality and yield. The main benefit of rainwater was that it dissolved hydrogen peroxide from the atmosphere and this helped plants fight off microbial challenge and therefore disease. As our planet has become more polluted there has been less and less hydrogen peroxide present in rainwater and horticulturalists have added hydrogen peroxide to water to supply plants with “active oxygen”.

Hydrogen peroxide has limited use as a disinfectant because most microorganisms know how to deal with it. They simply throw out a protein shield, which the hydrogen peroxide cannot penetrate. Hydrogen peroxide is also fairly unstable and can lose strength and effectiveness quickly. 

SipECO™ is stable and is also is up to 100 times more effective as a disinfectant than ordinary hydrogen peroxide, safely killing the bacteria, fungi and viruses which limit growth or kill your crop. The product can also be used greenhouse disinfectant at the end of the season.

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DB ECOsystems offers the perfect solution to your horticulture needs:

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