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Protecting your livestock
Developed specifically for livestock farming, DB ECOsystems presents AGWA™ Clean, the safe and eco-friendly disinfectant for all your water, surface and environmental cleaning needs!

Poultry Farmers have confirmed the benefits of using AGWA™ Clean for:
• Improvement in bird weight for each crop
• Reduction in mortality
• Fewer disease outbreaks
• A return on investment of up to 20:1

Pig Farmers have confirmed the benefits of using AGWA™ Clean for:
• Improved food intake
• Consistent weight gain
• Reduced vice
• Reduced mortality

The key factor in many preventable livestock diseases is contaminated water supply. Biofilm is the sediment of biodegradable compounds that collects inside water systems and feeds the microorganisms that contaminate water and cause diseases.

Most other disinfection products will not remove biofilm, rendering the process of disinfection very ineffective. AGWA™ Clean completely sanitises farm water supplies, removing biofilm from the internal surfaces of water systems, leaving the water, tanks and pipes completely clean!

AGWA™ Clean is also a superior, longer lasting surface and environmental disinfectant, and can be used as a spray or fogged into the atmosphere to sanitise the areas where you keep livestock.

AGWA™ Clean is truly a “simple to use” on farm system giving an outstanding efficacy of bug kill. Together with its environmental and user friendliness, it has demonstrated its effectiveness as a weapon of modern bio-assurance.
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